A place in the pines.

With not much fondness for coconut and humidity, I always have had this discord with the Southern part of the country. Travelling to this region had never been on the bucket list due to many reasons – Heat, Temples, and Sweat. South India has always been perceived as such of being grubby and glotty. But as they say – God has his own way for things – I got my Summer Internship at The Westin Hotel, Chennai. Karma. A place in the pines, filled with Dosas, Biryani, and Beaches.

It is after coming down to the place that I realized how badly rumours can affect us. Chennai isn’t that bad after all. With cool breeze flowing during the dusky mornings and sundown, the city offers a pleasant stay, with a little extra pinch of humidity. Nothing comes free of cost. The high standing pine trees sometimes offer a breath-taking view, when viewed from the moving local trains. People here are a bit on the unpleasant side when it comes to conversing with non-Tamil speaking population. They would deliberately use Tamil, sometimes instead of knowing Hindi or English to prove “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”. But they seldom tend give in with just one word – “Anna”. Praise be to God.

Westin Hotels – one of the many brands under Starwoods group has its own charm. With its plush property running acres of land and different offerings, the Hotel sure would enchant the guests. Being inducted as a marketing and communication intern, my job description included almost everything related to the field, and some errands as well.

The much anticipated 9 to 6 job, post MBA – It drains out a person. Yes, it does. Trust me.

But as a learning experience no other place could have been a better spot. With associates being a fair mix of friendly and funny, the office timings are scintillating. I sure would miss them when I leave here, but with a hope to meet them in future again, definitely.

Seems like god has listened to my cravings for a lifetime now and being benevolent, he has bestowed me with the things I liked and loved – Beaches, Dosas, and Biryani. Chennai serves me beyond perfection with all three, only to make me hate them after my SIP period. Reminds me of the famous book, The Alchemist’s line “When you want something, the universe will conspire in helping you to achieve it.” I would try to mend it a little – “When you want something, don’t want it too much, or else the universe will conspire in helping you to achieve it.”

By far, I would say that my stay at Chennai had been close to pleasant. A fair mix of some good people, some forced benevolences, and many other things at this place in the pines.

Aarohan Paul | PGDM 2015-17