“A New Start”

As the Placement and SIP season begins, students are faced with a big Q. To join a high-paying entry level profile with a big brand or join a start-up which provides them with big responsibilities but not necessarily fat pay cheques? There is an unsaid fear that lingers in a student’s mind when he/she contemplates joining a start-up. All said and done, start-ups have a lot of growth and learning opportunities that big brands may not offer at an early stage.

A start-up usually has a small team, but, this small team has high skills and responsibilities attached to them. Every work that one is assigned is unique and probably nobody else in the company has the same skill set. Even though one may feel that his worth his more than a start-up pays, the opportunities are galore. The experience will most definitely outweigh the pay cut. A start-up may lack a formal structure and one may expect himself to do a variety of jobs and not be restricted to his mentioned responsibilities. Flexibility is the most sought after skill that a start-up owner looks for in an employee.

As mentioned before, learning is the most important factor why many join a start-up. The learning not only comes from the work that one does but majorly from the heads of the company. They are the innovators, who have a brilliant mindset, who have the courage to bring out their ideas to the world. Working with such minds closely has a great impact on one’s approach to the work and decision making abilities. Many employees across the world complain about the lack of recognition from their company, their fear is that their contributions are not validated and awarded. This fear does not arise in a start-up, due to the small workforce, each employee is aware of the work the other does and so is the management. In this case, the management takes an extra effort to laud the employees who perform above the expectations and thus this boosts the morale of the employees; after all money is not the only factor.

The values instilled in an individual in such a company is very high, the team bonding, the working atmosphere is all so collaborated in a healthy way. Each member has a deep knowhow about the functioning, likes and dislikes of the other members, efforts are made to make the work culture an easy-going one. Hard work, sense of ownership and self-sustainability are some of the core values that one learns early on while working in a start-up. When an individual is very closely related to a job, he develops a strong bond and thus deploys all the values towards the work to make it a roaring success.

Not everything is hunky dory about a start-up though; it has its own shortcomings. Poor management, low profits, delayed inventory schedule, lack of group harmony, fund squeeze are some of the issues that start-ups face. Meticulous planning, good decision making and an effective management are what it takes to overcome these issues. These are issues that cannot be ignored, but can be tackled effectively. The key to success is the commitment and level of group cohesiveness which would ultimately drive it forward.

Hasan Armoghan (PGDM)