A Humble Request…..

Once said I,
Take good care of it my friend,
And , gave my most priced possession.
Never received any acknowledgement in return,
My most priced possession , was lost in the transaction,
Devastated, as I was, my emotions ran wild,
Tried to forget about it all and
Enjoyed life , As it pushed me on.

Years have passed since that day,
Still have fond memories of it, coming my way,
That  fill up my eyes, upto the brim,
Sitting on the window pane , I dream.
For days I keep thinking of it,
My life seems so empty without it,
With no purpose or aim in mind,
I roam about ,searching for it ,all night.

Once my most prized possession,
Is today , my long ago ,a ‘lost heart’ condition.
If anybody is kind enough to find it ,here is a humble request,
To please, return it back ,at the earliest……

Mr. Anjan Merkap
Batch : 2015-17