IMT Nagpur

A few hours with Prof. Pradeep Mazumder

Prof. Pradeep Mazumder began his career in education sector in 2007 after 22 years of professional experience with various leading companies all over the world. Since those successful early efforts of leading marketing disciplines in companies like Britannia Industries Limited, Shaw Wallace & Company Limited, Empire Industries Limited, Mumbai, Robert Bosch Gmbh,GermanyProf. Mazumdar is celebrated as the most popular teacher of Marketing in IMT-Nagpur.

Considering Prof. Mazumder’s spell-bounding effect on his students, we spoke to him by phone from his office:

Interesting moments while teaching are many! But I will talk about one. I teach marketing electives in the second year. Every year, there are some students who, although have not enrolled for these electives, attend my class for one or two sessions, with my permission. They are always second year students. But once it so happened that one first year student attended my class. He listened to me attentively and at the end of class asked if he could come again. I said yes, provided it doesn’t disturb his attendance in first year classes. And he came again.

Most of us in India choose an academic career that has good job prospects. I too did that and studied chemical engineering followed by management. I have always enjoyed my work after my education. Therefore, even given a chance I wouldn’t have planned differently. But now, I think gradually I am getting more and more interested in Philosophy and History.

Grades are a good indication of academic achievement but may not be of knowledge. A successful manager sports trust, confidence and good interpersonal skills.

Success in our relative world is a concept that has relativity attached to it. Anything done or not done (sometimes in a stressful situation a person may resort to an act that could be harmful to him and others) through speech, action and thought that brings about a positive change in an individual is a matter of success for the person. The biggest success occurs when the positive change impacts the entire humanity. Isn’t that what Nobel Prize is awarded for?

IMT Nagpur has always been ranked very high on intellectual capital and infrastructure by every b-school ranking survey. No compromise is ever made on academic matters- be it pedagogy, continuous evaluation system or discipline.  We have regular guest lectures by practicing managers from the industry. There is group as well as individual project work in many subjects. Besides, the campus offers a congenial atmosphere to play many outdoor games, conduct management and sports events. In many of these events we have external participation. All these are avenues to build trust, confidence and good interpersonal skills in students. We also try to identify weaknesses in students and address them individually to overcome them. The two years of stay in the campus leads to an all-round development of students which is necessary to become a better future manager.

Most of the faculty members of the Marketing Department of IMT Nagpur has spent quite some years in the industry. This helps to make the class room teaching very much industry relevant. Besides, we also conduct regular guest lectures by practicing marketers and marketing events to enhance this industry interaction. Our future agendas will all be built around inculcating a sense of marketing reality and creativity in our students.

An IMT’ian should capitalize on his strength of being creative with new ideas and adaptable to new situations. The challenge, for not only IMTians but all business school graduates, is to relate management studies not only to business but to many other facets of life.

The message to my dear students is Worship work and chooses a career that you are passionate about. Then apply your knowledge of management to embrace success. The sequence is important.

I think I am an ever smiling, carefree man.