Student Stories

A battle of the being

The society we live in today is a society Today’s society is such that where a person who is quite vocal about his feelings and wants to convey what he is going through, is considered ‘weak’ and ‘an attention seeker’ to the extent of even being ridiculed. It, which is quite evident from the rising suicide rates among millennials millennial. We ask them to be open up about their grief and sadness but do we realise that it is us who are not good listeners. It is us we who make fun of depression. It is we who are bold enough to tell them that they are weak. It is not only important for them to speak about it but also our responsibility to listen to them.

It is we, who are very enthusiastic and want to change the world when such incidents come in front forth, but what about the voices that are left unheard? Today these incidents are it’s all over the social media, people asking each other to be there for each other, but after a few days, it fades away like the latest social media fad. To find a solution, we need to get inside the minds of these hurting grieving individuals, hear them, and understand them. Whenever we have a fever or are too sick, we go out to seek professional medical aid but won’t step outside take help when it comes to mental health. It is shunned, and shushed and pushed to the last priority in a typical household.

There are other occasions where the victim is approached with sympathy when all they seek is empathy. We, as human beings are capable of feeling so much, yet we often don’t come to terms with them, confront them, and spend time with them. It should be known that not everyone can process things the same way. Some take longer to let go of things whereas others move on in an instant. So, if you are someone who can be is open to listening to them, understand where they are coming come from, be are more empathetic to talk it out, and have the patience to hear out people who aren’t as vocal,. Just find a safe space and reassure them that you’re here to listen, not judge and let them vent it out, make them feel that telling people does help and they are not alone in this fight with oneself.

It is not about labels but it’s about establishing the fact that it is normal. It is about telling someone, when they approach you with their problems that it is alright if they to feel this way, rather than asking them to gulp down and move on. It is about discussing how it this can be worked through work out rather than making their problems look any less because it is they are real and what that person feels is real. It is true for the fact, that it makes aworld of a difference, when you know that even one person is willing to listen to you. The least you can do as a social being and as a human for everyone else is to be that certain outlet for everyone when things are so uncertain. Why do we feel the need to say ‘sorry for bothering you’ or ‘burdening you with my problems’? If talking about your experiences, your everyday activities, movies, books, and everything is so normal then why cannot talking about feelings be made normal? There are so many things wrong with in our society. In our societal upbringing, we bear sadness like across as a mark of strength, forgetting how badly it hurts the body. It is unhealthy and there’s nothing to be glorified about it because you don’t know when in a moment, it all snaps.

Palak Dugar
PGDM Marketing
Batch 2020-22