PGDM Admission 2015-17, Institute of Management Technology, Nagpur

Admission 2015-17

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Why IMT Nagpur?

Because we make a difference in the way you look at yourself, and at the rest of the world.

IMT Nagpur, in spite of being only a decade old, has already been able to make a distinct mark among the crowded B-School environment in India. IMT Nagpur probably is the youngest to consistently feature among top B-schools, in various B-school ranks in India, over the years. This speaks volumes about the rapid strides that IMT Nagpur has made in a decade.

Following Aristotle's Metaphysics: 'the whole is greater than the sum of the parts'; IMT Nagpur has an interdisciplinary holistic view of B-school curricula. It believes in 'macro understanding, micro application and making a small difference'.

As per one recent survey, Nagpur has been rated the best Indian city topping the livability, greenery, public transport, and health care indices. IMT Nagpur stands tall in central India with top of the line faculty with appropriate blend of academicians and practitioners, managerial skill development labs, best-in-class infrastructure, inspiring learning resources and unique pedagogy. Consistent placement record (nearly 300 offers with 89 companies visiting campus) with a vibrant campus life make it ideal for a lifetime learning experience. Students, through smaller groups, manage much of their extracurricular and administrative responsibilities themselves; and also make a small difference in the quality of life to the local community.

Henry Ford once stated: 'You can't learn in school what the world is going to do next year'. And rightfully so, in a rapidly changing world now than in the times of Henry Ford, it is a challenge for each B-School to reinvent to be relevant, and thereby try to be ahead of the curve. IMT Nagpur is the only B-School in India with courses like Evolution of Modern Business in the very first term, with a historical perspective globally, not because we expose you the way business has been traditionally done; but because we believe in what Churchill said: 'The further backward you look, the further forward you can see.' We try and expose you to real life problems and challenges than merely bookish theories, so that eventually you can take decisions as a real life manager, small or big, and justify that in an uncertain and mostly grey world.

From the perspective of market forces, placement records are taken as the best indicator of a B-School, and here we may be the youngest AICTE-recognized one, having records of nearly 300 campus offers from 89 companies in 2014 with an average salary of Rs. Six lakhs+ in our 9th placement session. At the same time, we believe placement is not an end of itself or an accidental outcome of something. We see placement is the culmination of effectiveness of curriculum, courses and pedagogy. As we continue working on them, we also have the uniqueness of being the only leading B-School pursuing AACSB global accreditation after crossing its eligibility test, and in process of being accredited by both NBA and NAAC.

IMT Nagpur invites the inspiring minds raring to make a difference to one's life and career through management education. It would be inappropriate to claim that IMT Nagpur decides the future of the individual. The fact of the matter is each individual decides his/her future; IMT Nagpur assists in redefining the goal, and then by achieving it better by stretching one's potential, knowledge and skill through hard and systematic work every day.

IMT Nagpur Wishes you all the best in your CAT, XAT, GMAT qualifying exams; and looking forward to having another batch of young, sharp, self-motivated minds joining us in June 2015.