Outbound Exchange Program


Going on exchange provides you with a global perspective and the chance to experience another culture. You can learn global best practices, network with people around the world and explore career prospects outside of India. Students may participate in Exchange Programs with Business schools from across the world including the U.S., France, Australia, Austria, Belgium, South Africa, Canada, Ecuador, Mexico, Poland, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Germany, China, South Korea, Singapore, the U.K., etc. Exchange programs also give you a competitive edge in the global employment market wherein cross-cultural exposure acquires enormous significance. Prospect employers value international study as it demonstrates your ability to take initiative and function in a cross-cultural environment. The program can also help students brush up on foreign language skills, an essential pre-requisite in the current business environment and also forms a part of business curriculum in most of our partner b-schools.


When you go on exchange to a partner institution you pay no extra tuition fees to the partner institution. However, some institutions may require separate payments for the membership of a Student Association or other such fees. These are usually fairly modest fees. Living expenses, airfares, accommodation and meals, travel, insurance, textbooks and personal expenses will have to be borne by the students. Generally, the money required for a 4-month/one semester exchange will be around INR 300,000/-. For some countries this is way too much and for others probably about right. This might depend on the host country that one is travelling to. Some partner institutions might make generous offers of their own scholarships to IMT students including free accommodation or stipends. These can change from year to year and you should keep an eye on these scholarships.

Duration of Exchange Program:

The maximum time for exchange is One terms or 3-4 months. It is good to start planning your exchange 3 months in advance. You will need to have enough ground work and money to live and hopefully travel as well.

The Chairperson: International Relations will conduct interviews to select candidates for the outbound student exchange program, based on their suitability.